Collect Subscription Payments in Minutes with Midtype and Stripe

Subscriptions are at the core of every SaaS product. That’s why we’re excited to announce integration with Stripe to make managing subscriptions easier than ever.

This week, we have two updates we’re really excited about. The first is an integration with Stripe to allow you to create and manage monthly subscriptions to your service, directly through your custom Midtype API. That means you can start using Stripe without a single line of backend code. We’ll tie all your users’ Stripe subscription details to your backend so that your frontend always knows who is a subscriber and who isn’t.

We’re also pleased to introduce a new template to our gallery: Todooli. This is a fully-featured frontend starter for a SaaS “To Do” application. It demonstrates how to leverage Midtype to handle users, authentication, and billing, with all the React components you need to get up and running.

Why is This Important?

Stripe has done a terrific job making the lives of developers easier. But for all the flexibility its API provides, it can still take days or even weeks to fully integrate payments into your app. Midtype takes a very specific (but useful) portion of Stripe’s functionality (manage recurring payments), and makes it as easy to use as possible.

Now, when a user wants to sign up for a new subscription, you can use Stripe’s React Elements library in tandem with your Midtype API and you’re off to the races 🏃🏻‍! It’s as simple as sending a GraphQL mutation like this to your backend:

mutation($plan: String!, $token: String!, $coupon: String) {
    input: { planId: $plan, paymentSourcePid: $token, couponPid: $coupon }
  ) {
    mStripeSubscription {

To show you just how easy it is to get Stripe up and running, we also have a new SaaS template that includes a payments flow as part of onboarding. See it running live here.

How to Use It

Navigate to the Payments section of your project. Here, you’ll be greeted with an four-step guide to integrating Stripe with your Midtype API:

Integrating your API with Stripe takes minutes.
Integrating your API with Stripe takes minutes.

Follow these steps. After connecting your Stripe account to Midtype, you’ll be asked to define a product and a plan. Learn more about what these objects mean for Stripe here.

To use the new Todooli starter, you either fork it on Github or deploy it immediately using Netlify.

For any questions related to our integration with Stripe, consult our FAQs.

Need to collect subscription payments for your SaaS?

Midtype helps builders launch and iterate on web apps at light speed. We provide a hosted backend with user login, payments, a database, and much more built in. We allow you to focus on your core product without reinventing the wheel.

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