Midtype is Now Open to All

A few weeks ago, we opened up early access to Midtype. Today, we’re excited to officially open Midtype to all with a special launch offer. 

Midtype was built out of frustration. When prototyping new ideas a couple months ago, we realized how difficult it was to get a simple SaaS product up and running.

For frontend engineers especially, integrating your backend with the third-party services you need to run a high-performing SaaS business requires time and tremendous patience. Payments, mailing lists, asset storage—these requirements necessitate an extensive understanding of the cloud ecosystem to implement. And if you have no experience doing it, get ready for possibly months of effort.

That led us to imagine new ways to make SaaS app development as fast as possible. Today, we’re beyond excited to open up full access to our solution: Midtype.

We’re still hyper focused on shipping new features as quickly as possible, so please be vocal with your requests!

There is still plenty to do, but we’re ecstatic about the journey we’re embarking on with you. Onward!

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Need to launch your web app tomorrow? Leave it to Midtype.

Midtype helps builders launch and iterate on web apps at light speed. We provide a hosted backend with user login, payments, a database, and much more built in. We allow you to focus on your core product without reinventing the wheel.

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