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Announcing an Improved Data Viewer and API Keys

This week, we’re launching two highly requested features: an improved UI for viewing the data in your database and configurable API Keys to make server-side requests to your backend. 

We noticed that a common requirement for our customers to see and verify the data in their Midtype backend. Today, we’re shipping a UI enhancement that lets you see it in a table so that it’s easy to browse and understand the connections between your records.

Why is This Important?

Debugging backends can be a tedious task. Part of Midtype’s mission is to provide tooling to make this process much simpler for anyone, even those without experience with SQL or GraphQL. The data viewer makes this possible—you can see exactly what’s in your database at any time and ensure any changes you make have propagated correctly to your backend.

We also understand our customers might need to write code that’s deployed to a server somewhere or as a serverless function. API keys from Midtype allow you to read and write data stored in your Midtype backend directly from that code, using GraphQL requests to your API. These keys authenticate requests to your Midtype API in the same way JWT-based authorization tokens do from your frontend.

These keys have full admin access to your data, so please ensure you handle them safely. We suggest you never check these keys into your version control system or use them directly in code. Instead, store them as environment variables in your CI/CD process.

How to Use It

The new Midtype data viewer.
The new Midtype data viewer.

To use the new data viewer, simply open the Midtype app and navigate to the Data section. Here, you’ll find a dropdown that lets you see records for every model you’ve deployed to your Midtype backend. Note: any changes made locally on the app but not yet deployed to your backend will not be reflected in the data you see in this view.

Create API keys in your Midtype dashboard.

To create a new API key, navigate to Project > API Keys.

On the top-right, you should see a button to create a new key. Click it. This will launch a modal where you can provide a description of how you intend to use the key. This description is purely for you to remember why the key was created. If you notice that a key is no longer being used, for safety, delete it immediately. After you delete a key, any request made with it will no be authorized.

Once a key is created, click the “Reveal” button to see it. You can view the key as many times as you’d like, but it’s revealed on request only.

Note that when you create or delete a key, it will take about two minutes for those changes to take effect.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. We’re excited to build features you want, so if you’re ever in the mood to provide feedback, email us or chat us directly using the widget in the bottom right.