Midtype has shut down. The team is now working on Herald, helping product teams make customer-oriented decisions.

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User Management

It starts with users.

Midtype provides a flexible GraphQL API with user authentication built in and templates for login pages. Let users register with common identity providers, like Google.


Hit the ground running on your app with Midtype's toolkit of services. Leverage one-click integrations to support payments, marketing campaigns, and more.

Access Control

Easily authenticate requests to your API with fine controls over what your users can see and edit.

Hosted Database

Get an optimized database to back your GraphQL API. No need to manage any hosting or infrastructure.


Connect your Stripe account to enable users to subscribe to plans for your service.

Coming Soon
Flexible Webhooks

Reach out to any service whenever a new user registers or new data is populated through your API.

Coming Soon

Sync your users and their plans with CRM tools to streamline marketing and outreach.

Coming Soon
Customer Segmentation

Offer tiered services by segmenting customers by paid plans or feature flags.

You Own Your Data

Never locked in to
our infrastructure.

Midtype automatically provisions the ideal backend infrastructure for your app. But rest assured, you can always migrate data and compute services to any cloud or on-premise. Learn more.